Ever had someone steal your work or idea? For historically marginalized communities, this is nothing new.

We are empowering creators and entrepreneurs to reclaim their rights and get legal help—for free.

Who we are.

Kim Tignor and the Institute for Intellectual Property & Social Justice – IIPSJ – founded Take Creative Control to bring together passionate lawyers, creatives and entrepreneurs to advocate for racial and social justice in intellectual property law.

What we’re fighting for.

We are fighting to ensure creators are given notice before our content is used; creators are attributed when our content is used; and creators are compensated for our work.

Get involved today!

Our Creative Clinics bring together IP attorneys, experts, and creators to discuss issues important to us, as creators. Like everyone else, we’re monitoring the COVID-19 situation closely. We’ll update you soon on our plans for 2020. In the meantime, sign up for our newsletter here.


Recent Virtual Events:

TCC Latin talks with Producer De La Cruz

TCC Latin talks with Lawyer Kelmer Messina

Take Creative Control is an initiative of the Institute for Intellectual Property & Social Justice – a tax-exempt, charitable organization. Through our network of pro-bono support attorneys, we are able to provide our community of creators insights on how to best leverage intellectual property protections to help them share, protect and monetize their creative works. If you are interested in joining our pro-bono network please email info@takecreativecontrol.org


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