Meet QVLN.

Meet Quetzal Guerrero, the artist known as QVLN, a formally trained violinist and multi-instrumentalist who had to quickly adapt to the virtual realities of our new normal.
Watch his story of how his family, community and culture has shaped his creativity, and his take on how digital platforms can better respect working artists.

Meet Jason.

Jason is an independent science fiction author who understands the value of owning his IP, and knows firsthand the challenges that creators face navigating Big Tech.
Watch his story and if you’re a creative or entrepreneur, take our survey for your chance to be featured in our series

Meet SaVonne.

Meet SaVonne, founder of Aya Paper Co, an eco-friendly card company. In the wake of the pandemic, SaVonne moved her business online without compromising her core values. Watch her story and if you’re a creative or entrepreneur, DM us to share your story.