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Small Business

The Comeback of the Crafts(wo)man

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We are in the midst of capitalism’s favorite time of the year. Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, and Cyber Monday kicked things off. Our favorite shows have been overtaken by ads for the latest iPhone, the hottest video game, and the shiniest car that we most certainly do not need. And a few of these ads even boast about how their products are “Made in America” (or “Designed in America” in Apple’s case). But the businesses I want to tell you about are usually smaller than “small” and their proprietors are more likely to call them passion projects than “businesses.” For many of them their products are not just made in America but sometimes in our own neighborhoods. Across the US, there are over 3.4 million creators who make and sell their crafts online. The craftsman is making a comeback, and it’s being led by women. Read More

This Year, Don’t Just Shop Small

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During the height of the pandemic, all I wanted to do was get away from my neighborhood—and, yes, my neighbors—for a while. I’m sure others felt this way. I love where I live, but I spent so much time dreaming of getting out of there. A vacation would have been fantastic, but a day or two in the office would have done just fine too.

The funny thing is, when I finally got vaccinated and could travel a bit, I missed my neighborhood terribly. After returning home, that home sweet home feeling did not rush over me the minute I stepped in my front door, but, rather, when I went out to grab dinner for the family at our favorite local restaurant. Read More